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Suppliers and Manufacturers of the: Unique Solar Dome Greenhouse

Domegrown geodesic greenhouse dome for Schools, sustainable
life stylers or a Unique home or shed.

  • Build your own greenhouse dome
  • Build a geodesic dome house
  • Build a kit set shed or secondary dwelling
  • Schools have huge opportunities to teach sustainable living
  • Super fast crop rotation even in winter
  • Enormous educational potential
  • Market a lifestyle block by building a kitset dome

We are producing ready to eat micro greens in 1 week from seed and selling them to a local restaurant making a great profit with Totally Organic produce very quickly.


Tuturumuri School are producing a sustainable cash crop along with teaching the pupils fundamental sustainable lifestyle options, the benefits of which are too numerous to list. To see the absolute elation and joy the children get from the dome and it's wonderful atmosphere inside and it's very REAL feel of peace along with amazing acoustics and energy concentration is a sight to behold.


Sue Kedgley the green Member of Parliament has recommended a domegrown in EVERY school in New Zealand. Ms Kedgley, a safe food campaigner, was so taken with the domes she said she would recommend to councillors in Wellington they construct some as a civic project. It was great to have Sue at the official opening and ribbon cutting ceremony.


Again thank you Sue Kedgley for coming out in winter what a great sustainable living ambassador we all have working for us.

Green MP Sue Kedgley Quote

"Ms Kedgley, a safe food campaigner, was so taken with the domes she said she would recommend to councillors in Wellington they construct some as a civic project"

Imagine instead of a cycle track our country invests in a dome sustainable tourist attraction similar and better then the Eden project.


Actually there is no reason not too. The construction costs are low. The knowledge is readily available from domegrown. The benefits to our country in promoting a sustainable long-term future to the rest of the world are enormous. As a draw card versus a cycle track? Logic says cycle tracks are already here everywhere in NZ another one is unimaginative. A dome city in wellington would draw in so many tourists we would need a better airport.

With our New Zealand designed and made Geodesic dome we are able to offer these benefits to you.

It's a way forward in energy efficiency and sustainability. Fresh homegrown product is becoming increasingly in demand due to the mass production of our food grown with pesticides, insecticides, and artificial fertilizers, which continue to pollute our environment. Us like many begrudge paying premium price for average supermarket product.

We have been using this unique growing method for ten years and with our unique design and the benefit of our hub you too can have the benefits. Three outstanding features we can guarantee:

  • Maximum Yields
  • Earlier Harvests
  • Superiror produce
Our Vision

To continue to promote sustainability using only limited existing technology coupled with all the natural forces and elements, and keeping it achievable and affordable. By doing this we can hold our heads up and continue to be the cleanest and greenest country in the WORLD. Provide a very cheap alternative to the traditional garden shed or small bach provide an extraordinarily potent growing environment ALL year round.

Our Mission

Is to make what we have in our lives available to everyone who desires it whether they own their own unique dome or have the opportunity to purchase the produce that is grown in them. We also need to change people's mindset that greenhouses or sheds or even homes aren't always of a rectangular shape.

More About the Geodesic Dome

They are very strong, and get stronger the larger they get. A small crew can erect the basic structure very quickly from lightweight pieces. Domes as large as fifty meters have been constructed in the wilderness from rough materials without a crane. The dome is also aerodynamic, so it withstands considerable wind loads, such as those created by hurricanes. Solar heating is possible by placing an arc of windows across the dome: the more heating needed the wider the arc should be, to encompass more of the year.


Our main obstacle is to convince people that greenhouses or homes do not have to be of a rectangular shape. We are proud also to say that our product has no harm on the environment at all and it is solely powered by nature's elements with no use of fossil fuels, or external power sources, which in this day and age is unheard of. Gavin is the designer/engineer of the product and spent many years developing it and making sure it delivers the produce and rewards we can all benefit from. We feel that it is really important that sustainability is addressed by all, not just people who vote green.