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Domegrown: Aquaponics and geodesic greenhouse domes

What is Aquaponics?


Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics and has been used as far back as the Aztecs. the technology of Aquaponics has evolved a lot since the Aztec time but the premise is the same:


Take a bunch of fish put them in a closed water system then feed and grow them. Normally the fish would eventually die as the effluent resulting from un-eaten food, dead fish and the fish effluent itself would built up and eventually become toxic.


However that toxic effluent is also very nutritious to plants. So, now take a closed hydroponics system where plants roots are submerged in water rather than soil, and the plants would suck all the good stuff out of the water, and eventually die from lack of food.


When combined, on a basic level, the two systems feed each other, the fish effluent gets pumped past the plant roots where Nitrification allows the conversion of ammonia into nitrates, allowing said nitrates to be consumed by the plants for nourishment reducing the toxicity of the water and feeding the plants at the same time. The water is then pumped back to the fish after being filtered and oxygenated where the process can begin a new.

Aquaponics and Geodesic Greenhouse Domes


The combination of the dome and the Aquaponics system allows for greater synergy between the systems. In general keeping the plants warmer and allowing for extended growth periods especially in colder climates.


And the large pools of water of the aquaculture components act as additional heatbanks further adding to the heat retention of the whole dome.
The dome also allows fish requiring warmer climates to be grown.


Practical Aquaponics