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Domegrown: Winter Growing

We recommend for Winter growing that you aim for all the off season produce like lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and radish these are so expensive to purchase in the winter and you just can’t beat the taste of your own grown.


Remember due to lack of sunlight hours the growing is slower, but we have still eaten all off season produce organic and spray free.


Even have a try with watermelon and strawberries they will grow all year round and depending on the size of the dome you desire you too can also grow bananas.


For a very quick commercial crop Microgreens are being produced in 1 week yes thats right from seed to the restaurant in 1 week we can advise you on all techniques to make your dome pay for itself. We have found the domegrown greenhouse dome is a super growing enviroment for Microgreens. We are currently supplying Moore Wilson (deli chain) with MICROGREENS.


Like us it will be trial an error of what you plant, and how you lay you produce out in the dome, and particularly what your preference is. Have fun, we are having a wonderful experience this season.


We have put together some guidelines from our experience this season on this page, if you have any other questions you can email us with them.

  • Draw a layout plan before you plant of what you are intending to grow.(do the plan with the whole family if applicable)
  • Make it functional, and easy to get around.
  • Remember to NOT have any plants to close to the edge, as it makes it difficult to work behind the plant for maintenance and picking. (we learnt this with our cucumbers)
  • We highly recommend you utilise the dome and have your rotating crop germinating on the heat banks ready to plant when you harvest the current crop.
  • Due to lack of winter sun tomatoes will not ripen as quick, position them in dome where they will get maximum sun. (we do that now)
  • Fill the heat banks at least 2 weeks before the colder nights set in, this will enable them to get to the temperature needed to be effective.
  • Keep temperature data and statistics, along with a diary. Itís important to keep this information.
  • Donít overwater plants.
We are not professional gardeners but we really enjoy what we are doing and we have learnt a lot. What we have put here is just what has worked for us and guidelines only.

Summer Growing

You will be able to grow anything you wish, and the benefits will be is that you will be able to have earlier premium harvests due to the fact you can germinate all year round it’s wonderful to be able to do that.


What we do is keep some of our produce till it’s over ripe then dry out the seeds and replant for our next crop it’s a very cost effective way of continuous growing, rather than buying seeds.


You will have an abundance of produce so why not make your own Pickles and Chutneys, they will make great Christmas gifts, you can even make your own label.


Again with growing in summer draw up a plan, you may only want to make a few changes.


Below are a few recommendations or options for using your dome in the summer if for some freak of nature we have a long hot summer.

  • It will get very warm in the dome so we pending on the individual circumstance and the domes positioning, in peak summer you can use shade paint over the membrane.
  • Remove the heat banks. Drain and store them.(use alternative shelving for germinating)
  • Make sure the automatic vent is open all the time and leave the doors open during the hotter summer days, even during the night if need be.
  • The dome will take more watering in the summer, and will take more maintenance than the winter. Set up a automatic watering system and set aside some time each day or every other day to take care of your delicious produce.