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How It Works: The Solar Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

Because the geodesic greenhouse dome has no vertical walls the wind is deflected, this in turn allows the wind to roll over and across the structure, which in turn gives it the advantage over rectangular greenhouses enabling it to withstand high winds. Ever noticed torn greenhouses beside the road. With our design this is very much negated a dome house or shed also has these amazing strength qualities.


We use our patented HUB which makes construction time and strength superior to anything else on the market. The hub allows the struts to be simply slotted in always at the right angle and with a snug and very strong fit anchoring the whole structure Totally.


The geodesic domes inherent strength derives from its most basic component "The Triangle" stress is distributed along the triangles surfaces rather than concentrated on the joints. along with the smooth rounded curved surface enabling wind to flow easily over its rounded surface you can build a greenhouse or build a dome for housing in the most extreme conditions with the knowledge they are in antartica for the very same reasons of strength and wind snow and ice resistance you too can benefit from. A kitset dome can be erected quicker that any current building in equivalent size. We supply you with the geodesic dome plans for easy construction yourself.

The geodesic domes unique spherical shape enables it to catch constant heat and light by always having a direct path for the light to travel through. Which in turn provides ultimate levels of photosynthesis resulting in Vigorous Growth. The dome sits on a concrete block foundation which acts as ground level insulation, and also gives the structure a secure base too tolerate all elements. The dome is clad on the outer and inner with a commercial strength greenhouse film. For many years domegrown has been recommending and using heat banks. We achieve this by insulating the entire southern wall with insulated panels, with the inside having a reflective finish. Then plastic water barrels of various sizes painted black line the inside of this area, they capture heat generated during daylight hours, as the dome temperature drops at night the heat is then released back, thus helping to maintain air and soil temperatures at night. The quicker germination time and vigorous growth mean a superior product creating a shorter harvesting period. The higher levels of photosynthesis coupled with the insulation, and the water banks enable the dome to produce even in the coldest winter months. In those winter months it is possible to grow all off season produce; it is almost like having your own tropical paradise on your on back doorstep.


The domes ventilation is an automatic system. A cylinder similar to a standard door cylinder on a car hatchback is filled with plant wax which expands which then levers open the vent on the top of the dome, When the temperature rises to above 30 degrees, as the temperature drops the wax will shrink thus allowing the vent to close.

People who understand how photosynthesis works will make sense of how the dome works and is able to produce premium harvests. Kiteset home or sheds or even spa pool enclosures would benefit from the same automated ventilation system.