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Installation: Domegrown will endeavour to maintain the ultimate in Customer Service

The UNIQUE solar dome greenhouse comes with what we feel is clear and straight forward construction information. However once you have purchased your dome kitset we supply geodesic dome plans. If you need online help, or even over the telephone if you are actually constructing at the time we are more than happy to help if the engineer or construction crew are available.


Before starting your construction, we recommend that you have at least 3, more hands needed when fixing the membrane and clipping system. But 3 capable people are needed to perform the bulk of the build. However some tasks can be undertaken by one person alone.

Selecting a Site

Your dome will need to be sighted on a flat surface and open to the North to get the best results.


domegrown recommend the use of a foundation in order to reap the absoulute benefits of our dome we use this method for two reasons.


Is to ensure that the dome receives ground level insulation, which in turn maintains soil temperature allowing the dome to produce the ultimate yield.
The foundation will also give the geodesic dome a secure and sturdy base allowing it to withstand all the natural elements. Domegrown will not accept any responsibility for any domes which are not sited on a foundation, hence making our product guarantee void if the purchasers choose this option.

Kit Comprises
  • Hubs (Principle elements that connects the struts, and form the spherical shape)
  • Struts (Connecting members that link the hubs)
  • Bolts. Nuts and washers.
  • Covering membrane (commercial greenhouse film)
  • Clipping system.
  • Door frame and door with hinges, and pad bolt.
  • Vent.
  • Auto opener for vent.
  • All hardware.
  • Interior Film.
  • Insulation.
  • Reflective Foil.
  • Battens.