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Domegrown: Testimonials

Testimonial by Rupert Glover, Little River, New Zealand

22 December 2011


Having built my first geodesic dome forty years ago I was well aware of the difficulties inherent in covering the structure satisfactorily.


When I built a new dome this year I investigated new options for skinning it and came upon domegrown Ltd, a company from the Wairarapa.

I contacted them and rapidly realised that my best option would be to contract them to skin the dome in modern materials.


They responded promptly and came to my location fully equipped. The skinning was done immaculately in a day and a half using UV protected plastic sheeting and a very clever system of aluminium tracking to clip the skin on.


I would recommend Domegrown Ltd to anyone wanting to contruct a dome. I built my own and they skinned it but they offer a variety of domes which they can build from the ground up.

They have my full endorsement.

Testimonial by Mr and Mrs Vic Ormond, Mauriceville, New Zealand

I have known Gavin for about 12 years. On one particular occasion just over 10 years ago when we were having a conversation and Gavin mentioned to me about the project he was working on, then obviously I became intrigued by the possible concept of growing fresh produce in the winter and my ears instantly pricked up.


We talked the project through in great detail from the size I wanted, to even the produce I wanted to grow. Gavin came to my property in Mauriceville and we looked over where the best place would be to sight it. A decision was made and we began the build .It has been over ten years now since completion. In this time my wife and I have had the dome on our property we have had no concerns of its ability to withstand strong elements; we live in a high wind area exposed to the north west wind there has been no movement or structural distress. It is only now that we need to replace the outer film and this is obviously wear and tear. We feel this is incredible when the manufacturer of the film only guarantee the film for four years.


Many of you will remember the snow storm of 1999. Our dome was covered in at least a tonne of snow and it was incredible to enter the dome and it was still warm inside. We supplied a photo for you to have a look it was an amazing site. We are still using the dome to this day.


We wish Gavin all the best with his venture.

Testimonial by Leslie Kenton

Less than three months ago, I became the proud recipient of a Domegrown geodesic greenhouse. It has already transformed our lives and I now see that it will continue to do so not only throughout the warm summer all year round. Resplendent with biodynamic vegetables and overflowing with microgreens of all varieties, the dome allows us to grow even fruits and flowers as well as foodeven when the rest of the garden is covered with frost. Domegrown's attention to details friendly advice, intelligent design and sturdy methods of construction made it possible to have the structure up and running - complete with irrigation system and compost - within three days. Enormously cost-effective,the dome is inexpensive to run thanks to simple heat banks for winter use which absorb and hold all the natural warmth entering area. The dome even has a beautifully constructed automatic method for cooling during hot summer days. In short, I am completely delighted with our purchase - so much so that I am already looking for another area of our relatively small property where we might be able to install another Domegrown next year.


Leslie Kenton is an award-winning writer, broadcaster, and shamanic teacher, Leslie Kenton is well known in the English-speaking world. A former consultant to the European Parliament for the Green Party and course developer for Britain’s Open University, she is responsible for more than three-dozen best selling books on health and spirituality. Trained in acupuncture, nutrition, bioenergetics, and energy medicine, she is a member of AAMET and NTCB in the US and a certified homeo-theraputics consultant. In the UK, her contribution to natural health was honored by being asked to deliver the McCarrison Lecture at the Royal Society of Medicine.